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Data from past 50 actual client projects

5056 Errors Detected

34 Re-Spins Saved

$56,638 ROI Savings/project

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About Valydate


Valydate understands the challenges of designing world-class, innovative electronic products. Specialists in Schematic Review and Validation, our clients benefit from the elimination of design errors and marginalities early in the hardware design cycle where they have the least impact on time, quality and cost. Our proven techniques, process and automated tools are invaluable to hardware designers at the schematic design stage. On average, Valydate reduces the hardware board development cycle by one spin!


Key Benefits:


  •      Reduced hardware spins which lead to faster time-to-market
  •       Reduction in development, testing, and warranty costs
  •       Faster integration to high yield manufacturing
  •       Improved yield and decreased field returns
  •       Superior product quality


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